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Find Satoshi

In 2005, the search began for a man named Satoshi. All they had was his first name and photograph. He still hasn't been found.

In 2005, Laura Hall received a pack of cards in the mail.

She’d been waiting for them — they were puzzle cards, part of a primarily online Alternate Reality Game called Perplex City, which tasked players with finding a prize cube hidden somewhere on Earth. Each solved puzzle card would help point the way to the cube. One of the cards she opened simply showed a photograph of a man with a caption in Japanese that read “Find Me”.

Laura was one of many people to search for Satoshi. Players convened on forums to discuss the card and where Satoshi might be found. Spoiler: he never was. The cube was discovered in 2007 and Perplex City came to a close with Satoshi still at large; the only unsolved card of the game.

This is the story of the search for Satoshi.

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