In 2015, I began working at Fitplan, a small fitness app startup.

When I came on as their lead graphic designer, there were only five of us in a tight shared office space. When I left the company, they had moved into their own office space, hired over 20 employees, and launched a working app with many popular athletes, each with a series of videos produced by our video team.

My biggest accomplishment with Fitplan was establishing and launching their in-house video team, switching my focus over from design. We gradually built a talented and close-knit team of editors and videographers, planned and produced some of our own shoots, and created a highly efficient video content engine which is still running today, stronger than ever.

Here’s a write-up I did outlining the workflow & pipeline we developed for metalogging and organizing large amounts of footage.

Ariana James » Intro Video

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Colin Wayne’s Story

Video Editing

Jeff Seid » Intro Video

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Larissa Reis » Intro Video

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Katie Chung Hua » Intro Video

Shoot Planning, Videography, Video Editing & Motion Graphics