In spring of 2019, I packed my bags and moved to London, England as a video journalist at The Economist.

The newspaper that I’d always known from my dad’s coffee table was revamping its approach to documentary filmmaking. I joined as an assistant producer; a varied role acting as a ‘co-captain’ to the director.

The day-to-day work varied wildly; from deep-dive research on the complexities of lunar law (and purchasing an acre of moon-land) to mingling among the crowds at a London music festival. I also wrote scripts, conducted interviews and research calls, and worked on production.

Much of my time was spent researching fascinating subjects (such as the US-China trade war, the ominous inverted yield curve, whether trees can save the planet or the economic benefits of migration, to name a few).

How migration makes the world richer

Script, research, interviews

One of two films I worked on to accompany a special report in the paper about migration.

Climate change: can nature repair the planet?

Research, pre-interviews, production assistance

This is one of two films we made to accompany The Economist’s September 2019 climate issue.

Does this line predict America’s next recession?

Direction, Scriptwriting, Research, Interview, Voiceover

After reading about the recently inverted yield curve in The Economist‘s Graphic Detail section, I directed this short explainer about what it means for the economy, with the help of The Economist‘s Wall Street correspondent Alice Fulwood.

Why are music festivals so expensive?

Research, pre-interviews, voiceover, production assistance

This was an especially fun film to make. We investigate why music festivals have become so expensive. I also attended my first ever festival. The director, my friend Shira Pinson, was also interviewed by NPR’s The Indicator podcast about this film.

Is America right to fear Huawei?

Research, pre-interviews, production assistance

Underlying a simmering trade war between the world’s greatest superpowers is a question of trust regarding a telecommunications company. This film explores whether Huawei can be trusted. Featuring an exclusive interview between Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei and David Rennie, The Economist’s Beijing Bureau Chief.