What is the UNA?

Motion Graphics Explainer

This is the University Neighbourhoods Association — connecting residents of five communities that share the University Endowment Lands in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The UNA approached me requesting a brief animated explainer video to help explain who they are and what they do for residents of their communities. They found that many people were confused about whether or not they were affiliated with the University of British Columbia (they’re not really), and what services they provide. A short video seemed the right solution.

The UNA provided a script and voiceover, and the rest was up to me. After discussing the creative approach, I went about illustrating the buildings, scenery, and characters, importing them to After Effects and plopping them into the scene as I went. I used Duik, an After Effects plugin, to rig the characters and animate their walk/run cycles. The project was a success, and a masterclass in character animation.


University Neighbourhoods Association


Scenery & asset illustration
Motion design
Character design & animation
Sound design


Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere Pro
Duik (character rigging)



This quickly became a complicated project. Here is a peek at the master composition: