In spring of 2017, I started working with the Vancouver Aquarium as a videographer & video editor.

Over the course of the next year I worked with them on a multitude of projects, including: gearing up for the launch of their parent corporation Ocean Wise, hosting an online Science Show promoting knowledge of sea life and sustainability, filming and editing videos showcasing the fascinating hands-on research and biology that happens at the Aquarium and beyond (see below), and so much more.

It was an incredible opportunity to work with the Aquarium, and a long-time goal of mine. (I also got to hang out with Sea Otters and Sea Lions; not the reason I took the job, but certainly a plus).

Saving the Oregon Spotted Frog

Videography & interviews

For Ocean Wise’s Field Notes series, I traveled with the Vancouver Aquarium’s resident frog expert Darren Smy to a remote marsh to release endangered Oregon Spotted Frogs back into the wild.

Howe Sound Research Dive

Videography & interviews

For Ocean Wise’s Field Notes series, I traveled with Aquarium biologists to Howe Sound to document a transect; a survey of wildlife diversity which can help indicate environmental trends.

Releasing Harbour Seals Back Into the Wild

Videography, Video Editing, & Motion Graphics

I joined the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre as a videographer when they released four rehabilitated harbour seals back into the wild.

Ocean Wise 360

Motion Design, Video Editing, Photography, & Installation

I was commissioned by Ocean Wise to create a 360 degree video to be projected on the main floor of the Vancouver Aquarium as guests entered. This video showcases Ocean Wise and its initiatives, illustrating to guests the hierarchy of Ocean Wise as an organization and where the Vancouver Aquarium fits into that organization.