Asher Isbrucker

Photographer, designer,
podcaster & video editor.

My work is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the world around me and executed through a unique range of creative and technical skills.

I obtained my BA from the University of British Columbia, where I studied film production, documentary filmmaking, and creative writing.

Beyond my personal projects, I've had various invaluable experiences working collaboratively with a creative team, both as leader and integral team member.

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“Because of Asher’s ability to quickly befriend his team members, his strong sense of purpose, and his passion for perfection and originality in all branded materials created, he played a very significant role in the team and delivered high quality work. He was responsible for some of the most iconic, important, and recognizable design pieces of WorldMUN Vancouver."

—Ken Chan, CEO of WorldMUN Vancouver

"Asher is a truly gifted and smart creative. He has been imperative inn defining the Fitplan brand throughout the art direction, app design and the video production. Personally I have appreciated his creativity, empathy and what he has created out of our video content.

He has a unique ability to see each piece of content from the user’s perspective and understand the most simple and elegant path to deliver a great experience. Coming from a design background myself Asher is one of the best designers I’ve ever had the privilege of working with."

—Landon Hamilton, CEO, Fitplan

"Passionate, driven, and incredibly creative. Asher was instrumental in helping GivGro's production of its Pitch Deck. From the idealization to the implementation phase, he played a key collaborative role with the rest of the team to deliver a beautifully crafted end product that exceeded our expectations."

—Dr. David Kim, CEO of GivGro


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