Hi, I'm Asher: video producer, writer, & motion designer.

I’m a video producer, writer, editor and motion designer specialising in explainers and short documentaries. My work is informed by an innate curiosity about the world, and the joy of crafting words that communicate complex topics in an approachable way.

Whether writing a script, animating a tricky sequence, conducting an interview or presenting to camera, my work draws on a unique and diverse skill-set derived from a myriad of interests and an insatiable desire to learn. To bring a story to life, I rely on a palette of well-honed skills that include motion and graphic design, video journalism and interviewing, video editing, voiceover and on-camera presentation, and videography.

I’ve been producing films for the past decade, both for clients and my own YouTube channel. My work has been featured by Sight & Sound, The Atlantic, National Geographic, The Australian Science Channel, Indiewire, Dazed Digital, and others. Selected clients include the BBC, The Economist, Thomson Reuters Foundation, and the Vancouver Aquarium.

I’ve been using Adobe's Creative Suite for 17 years, and have designed and taught courses in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I’ve recently begun learning 3D modelling in Blender. I also have extensive hands-on experience with a range of camera models (including Sony A7 and FS/FX), and have plenty of hands-on experience and confidence with studio lighting. I’ve also enjoyed managing and organising extensive video equipment inventories.

Outside of work, I'm an avid reader, traveler, and hobby musician. I enjoy DIY projects, listening to podcasts, exercise, and taking classes to learn new things.

Currently reading: On Photography by Susan Sontag
Just finished: The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton
2023 Reading Challenge: 22/52 books

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